site has resources for students, educators,
and naturalists that have an interest
in learning about the natural wonders
of the CNMI. In the wildlife
section, you can explore 30 different
sections to learn about birds, reptiles,
mammals, plants and the coconut crab.
In each area, you can answer questions
and take a quiz to see how much you learned.
The activities
section is for local educators to download
activities and lessons about the environment.
Be sure to visit the references
section for a complete list of all of
the books and web sites that were used
to gather the information for this project.
This project was funded by a grant under
the Wildlife Conservation and Restoration
Program from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service, administered by the CNMI Division
of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Lands
and Natural Resources.
further information contact:
CNMI Division
of Fish and Wildlife, DLNR, Lower Base,
P.O. Box 10007, Saipan, MP 96950; 670-664-6000.

Marianna Swift

Botanical Researcher at University of Sheffield
Dedicated botanical scientist at the University of Sheffield targeting the impact of rainforest decline on the medical industry, and future drug development.

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