All Weather Garden Furniture

What is all weather garden furniture?

All weather garden furniture (also known as weatherproof outdoor furniture) is simply an outdoor furniture piece that can be left outside all year round, and requires no maintenance to keep it in brand new like condition.

The types of all weather garden furniture available at the moment, including weatherproof rattan furniture, weatherproof composite (or fake wood / Winawood) style of furniture, and aluminium garden furniture.

Which garden furniture is best to leave outside all year?

The “best” is quite subjective. As far as the type of garden furniture that is the “least maintenance” that would probably be either aluminium or modern rattan (premium versions only), as these don’t fade or degrade at all no matter what weather comes down in the UK.

What is aluminium garden furniture?

Aluminium garden furniture is simply a piece of outdoor furniture made from the material called aluminium. The reason this is sort after is because aluminium has “rust proof” qualities, which means it can be left outside in the snow, ice and rain without degrading, making it good for garden furniture sets.

It typically comes in either cast aluminium (heavy dark black furniture) or lightweight cheaper versions (often lighter grey).

What is modern rattan garden furniture and is it weatherproof?

Modern Rattan furniture is made from synthetic fibres, woven over a metal frame. It emulates the natural rattan furniture of years gone by. The materials used to ensure it’s weatherproof must be:

  1. An aluminium frame
  2. UV stabilized strands

This ensures it won’t rot or fade when left outside. The woven aspect of rattan ensures it is very comfortable to sit on.

Pictures of All Weather Garden Furniture

all weather rattan garden dining furniture in grey weatherproof rattan garden furniture set in brown

Final Thoughts on All Weather Garden Furniture

Whichever type of weatherproof garden furniture you choose, make sure you pay attention to the key points above, and focus on quality and durability, along with luxury and comfort.