Nightingale Reed-Warbler

Chamorro – Ga’ga karisu/Ga’kaliso * Carolinian – Litchoghoi bwel


The Nightingale reed-warbler (Acrocephalus luscinia) has a light yellow front and a greenish to brown back. The males are an average of 35g and females are slightly smaller. The male Nightingale reed-warbler often has ruffled head feathers and can be identified by his long melodious song. The song is a long, uninterrupted warbling that is unique among CNMI birds.
Factoid: It’s the Bomb!
After WWII, tangantangan flourished in the devastated areas, allowing the Nightingale reed-warbler population to increase!


What is the difference between the male and female Nightingale reed-warblers?

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